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So as you may know Curtis and I got engaged last Christmas, but as we have been together for 8 years, although it was special and we did feel different, we didn’t really – if that makes sense? We still haven’t even had an engagement party as we haven’t seen the need to.  The wedding is planned to be in two years time, as we would like to have another baby first and then give me a little time to loose the baby weight. So things seem really far away, and yes people keep saying to me “ooh it’ll come round the corner in no time”, etc.. I just can’t help but feel like planning things now is strange?! 

I’m trying my best to jump on the organisation train and get things underway and I’m doing pretty well. We have a date, we have a country, we have bridesmaids and thats about it….I have a book to fill with ideas etc and I have started, but because we intend on getting married in Ibiza, a lot of what I’ve got written down needs to be seen. Ie: Villas, beach venues, beach clubs and restaurants so it’s really hard to actually do anything about it now.

I did however have a genius idea of how to ask my bridesmaids. I had been pinteresting loads of different ideas and looking through Not on the high street for gifts etc, but nothing was doing it for me. I wanted something they could keep forever and use throughout the whole planning time. So I decided to get some boxes and fill them with lots of lovely gorgeous bits. I knew that not one of them would be expecting it and then to receive a big box would throw them even more. 

Inside the box:

I bought them all a candle – different smells for each girl, something I thought would suit them.

Bath flowers – as they were super cute and made the box smell nice

Hand drawn card with a  photo of me and each girl inside

Milk bottle of Champagne

Bridesmaid bubbles coaster

A cute little note card with a special note for each of them asking them 

Pictures for dress inspiration

Pictures of flower themes

And the most gorgeous hand made bracelet from HandMadeByEmma

I was right, they all loved them, I even had tears from two of them (Not mentioning any names…Al and Soph H, cough cough) But quite right too, they are my super special girls and I couldn’t do it without them by my side. I’m now so so excited to start chatting through things with them and sharing my ideas about the week away and the big day at the weekend. It’s going to be very very special and there will be lots to blog about so keep your eyes peeled. 



Here they are…

Maid of Honor – Miss Ally Hill 


Bridesmaid – And Beautiful sister in law – Miss Xenna Hughes


Bridesmaid – And super gorgeous friend -Miss Sophie Howarth 


Bridesmaid – Longest ever school friend – Miss Sophia Fazeli


Don’t you agree they’re all beautiful!! Going to have to get my butt in shape! ha

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One thought on “Will you be my bridesmaid?

  • staceyemmasmith@gmail.com'

    Love your blog. I found you on Instagram and thought I would check it out. The bridesmaids boxes were such a cool idea. Hope the wedding planning continues to go well x