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Over the past couple of months I haven’t been able to slot any photo shoots in. They take up a good morning/afternoon and then all the editing afterwards takes a while too. With our holiday and then finishing school, I hadn’t really thought about it but when a couple of people got in touch with me I didn’t hesitate! 

I love photography and I would love it to become more of a full time job, I try and capture Betsie and our family moments in the best way, I.e: putting the iPhone down as much as I can and reaching for my Olympus Pen E-pl7. It really is the most amazing compact camera I absolutely love it. It’s girlie and white, light and small enough to go in all my bags (yes they are ridiculously huge, I hear my mum saying), and it has some fantastic features on it. The screen tilts multiple ways and there is always an opportunity to use the selfie screen mode! As a photographer I love that it also gives me control, I hardly use Auto mode, with Bets running around and being as wild as she is, being able to control the aperture and the shutter speed is really handy.

Any who…Like I said before, a couple of people have been in touch regarding shoots. I did the first last week, with a very cute little baba called May. She was 7 months old and a real cutie! The biggest round eyes ever, and they were such an enticing colour. May was a little poppet on the shoot and we managed to have a play for a good hour and a half, in that time we got so many beautiful shots and I was so pleased with how they came out. 

I also decided that, whilst in the swing of it all I would capture some new shots of Bets. We haven’t sat and done a little home shoot for ages, and I love looking back on them. They really do become wall pictures in our house you see (pictures everywhere!!!) I took her up to our loft room, which is white so lovely and bright. I sat her on her bean bag on my throw and let her watch Doc Mcstuffins on my phone, I also made her do her crazy laugh at me a couple of times, as she giggles at herself after. Within about 10minutes I had some beautiful shots of my big girl. I really love them! 

Have a look and see what you think…










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