Me and mine July

Yesterday was a strange day regarding the weather and it sort of left us wondering what to do. Betsie had previously stayed at Nain & Taids house so after a sneaky little lie in and knocking up another card frame, we went over to pick her up.

It was still pretty cloudy and we were sat watching a good old classic film – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Bets was pretty into it and needed to have a little chill time so all was good but by about 3 o clock we noticed it had got a little sunnier and I was starting to go a little crazy in the house, so we decided to walk to the local park.

It’s a lovely little park, in the corner of a very well kept field. There are some lovely walks up to the edge that start from here, which we used to do all the time, but unfortunately now Bets is that little too big for a back pack style carrier we can’t quite make it up there, it’s such a long walk we couldn’t expect her to walk it alone.

We stayed in the park for ages, playing on the swings, letting the breeze blow through our hair. We pretended to be pirate princesses sliding down the slide and running to find treasure in the trees. It was just so lovely to have a whole park (even though it’s tiny) to ourselves. It was an afternoon for adventure, we even saw a real fairy floating around in the woods with us 😉

Once we got home, we stayed in the garden for a little bit looking at the gorgeous lavender and watching the bumble bees crawl around collecting nectar. I decided to take some photos and have a play around with my camera settings…of course my little budding photographer wanted in on the action and I now have about 100 photos of lavender on my phone. I really need to buy her a camera ha, she keeps trying to use mine!!! :0

#Meandmine July

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