Bests bedroom up do.

Recently I have become slightly obsessed with all the gorgeous interior companies on Instagram, especially the ones that make the most beautiful accessories and decor for little girlies. It has made me really want to add a few more things to Betsie’s bedroom. Currently she is in the nursery room, and hopefully in about 6months or so she will move into our bedroom, as we are having the loft room made much bigger, work hasn’t started yet though and I know these things take ages. So I thought I’d get my creative juices flowing and start decorating her current room. I’m not doing anything drastic like painting the walls, just adding frames and posters, little shelves for cute things and so on…if you have a look on my Instagram, you’ll see some of the companies and people I’m getting inspiration from.

I have also found a new love for Etsy. A lot of the companies I follow have accounts on Etsy and it’s literally the best way to find unusual products you wouldn’t find in the shops. Most things are hand made – well the things I have searched for, and are all really reasonable. It’s made me want to start on the whole house!

I came across a few prints, which weren’t expensive in the slightest but I thought I could probably do them myself, so I whipped out my old paint set and gave it a go. Bets loved having a craft afternoon too. Finished with frames from Ikea, they look really sweet and add that extra little something to her room.

I then found some tassels on Ebay, again not expensive but add so much. There’s a real selection on eBay, colour wise, I decided to go for neutral tones with a hint of pink as I think it matches her room colour scheme the best. Bets however wanted the very very pink set! (maybe for the next room) They came with easy to follow instructions and were really quick to make.

The last new thing I have bought were her little house shelves. I’ve been researching these for ages, they are something which I couldn’t find cheap! Then I came across these from Next. A set of three for £18, an absolute steal! I love them and I’m not hunting for something cute to put on the top shelf. Let me know if you have anything in mind!

You may be able to see her special card frames here too. These are something I started about 6 months ago. I decided I wanted to do something with her new born cards and this is what I came up with. It’s a really simple but special way to store those cards you don’t want lying in a box under the bed. Since I started I have done so many for people and it’s a real love of mine. If you head over to my Facebook page you will see all the others I have done and from there you can get in touch if you would like yours doing. I particularly love Betsie’s first birthday card frame.


IMG_3898 IMG_3907


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