Very normal but super Special moments

You may have seen my brief Facebook post this afternoon about having snuggles with my girl…Well whilst I was lying there with her, listening to her breathing I couldn’t help but think of lots of lovely things I haven’t thought about for a long time.

She had been pretty full on all day, dancing her little heart out at Diddi dance then jumping all over the sofa when we got home. Daddy returned back from work early and they had a lovely play together whilst I sat and did some work in the kitchen. Although she knows I’m busy it doesn’t stop her climbing on me and wanting to join in, which I don’t mind at all, just sometimes it all gets a little too much. Today was one of those days. We knew Daddy was going out to golf about 3.30pm and the time was quickly approaching, I knew I just had to finish what I was doing as I could tell we were both slowly hitting a wall. Everything was telling me it was nearly sleep time for the both of us! 

Once Daddy left, I couldn’t hold out on dodee ransom any longer. I caved. Instantly she calmed down, it really is amazing how much it can soothe her and I totally understand that feeling, being a dodee & thumb sucker for 20 years! All I wanted to do was snuggle on the sofa and have a sleep, so that is exactly what we did. We got cosy in the corner, put our feet up and had a stroke.

I’d say it took her about 10 minutes to fall asleep, clearly all she wanted was her Mummy, her Mummies cuddles, skin and heart beat. Whilst lying there I thought about how nice it must of felt for her to fall asleep on my chest, listening to my heart and letting my breath gently pushing her head up and down. But it also felt this lovely to me. We haven’t had sleepy cuddles for ages, not like these, just me and her. She’s become such a big girl, she’s not even been going for her sleep in the day, but I guess sometimes she just needs to crash and what better place than on me. Her breath was so gentle, slowly sucking her dodee on the edge of her mouth, her little fingers were just placed so perfectly on my chest whilst the other arm was wrapped around my waist. I didn’t want to move. I closed my eyes and soaked up such a special cuddle. 

She makes me so proud. She really such lovely little girl. She is so kind and caring to others, whilst soaking up absolutely everything around her and impressing us everyday with her super knowledge, memory and loveliness! She is the most beautiful little creature ever and I’m so pleased she’s mine. I love you chicken. 



This is sleepy picture from a different day, but it’s so super cute I had to include it!

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