A little sorry letter…

To my big girl, 

I’m writing you this little letter to apologise, about the fact that I have missed your last three months in letters. Every time we got to the end of the month I would remind myself to sit and write what we had been up to and attach lots of lovely picture of you, however I always seemed to forget and the become super busy with everything else and not have the time to sit and go through what we had done. I have written about our super holiday which includes most of what happened in June, along with a few other posts about various things we have done! 

I have also started videoing you much more now, my idea is that at the end of each month I will put all the little snippets of video together and we will have something to watch and show your progress and what we’ve done rather than me sit and write about it. Hopefully it will show your milestones and I’ll add a little text to fill in the details.

I watch you playing with your friends and you are the kindest, loveliest little girl. You always share, your gentle and loving and you make me so so proud. You’ve always been ahead of yourself and things haven’t slowed down, you constantly surprise us with your super knowledge and braininess.

Keep it up beautiful. We love you!


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