Babas new clothes. 2

Bets has just been given some of the most beautiful new items  for her wardrobe, I couldn’t not share them with you. A couple of the items are from labels I hadn’t heard of before, but wow they are so sweet I think they may become a favourite. I’m going to let you guess which her most favourite outfit was…If you know Bets you should get this right straight away!

Here are a few photos I’ve taken this morning…

Outfit for the day today.

This is one of the makes I haven’t heard of…Billieblush. Don’t you agree this is the cutest little set. So comfortable and easy to wear. I can’t wait to see her in this today. 


This gorgeous little dress will be perfect for Christmas. It’s pretty long on her now, but still just about wearable. It’s such a beautiful colour and I don’t quite think my camera captured how shimmery it is. I always forget about Monsoon, but they really do have some stunning pieces in. 

The two little items weren’t actually a set, but how cute do they go together. The top is Billieblush again and the skirt is from a make called Mayoral. I absolutely fell in love with the skirt when Bets was given it. I would love it in my size. It’s so gorgeous and I really hope we get some good weather so she can wear it! 


She has also been very lucky in getting a new coat. With all this rain at the moment its definitely an item that is going to get some good use. It’s just the right thickness for now not too warm but in winter it’ll be perfect to slip and jumper on underneath and be super cosy. It’s made from rubbery type fabric, which rain runs off, so perfect for our wonderful British weather. I think the design is super cute and very Betsie, she even told me that the Doggies on it were king doggies because she is queen Elsa! It is from a french make called Chipie, which stock very sweet everyday outfits and accessories. 


This next little outfit was a set from Mayoral which couldn’t be refused. The shorts are just adorable and I can so imagine Bets trotting around in them. I’m not super keen on vests in this style on little ones, so I would imagine she’ll wear a cardigan with it here, maybe just alone if we go on holiday though. 

I love the vibrant colours.

The most beautiful white dress from Monsoon again. You cannot beat a white summer dress I don’t think. It’s a staple in my wardrobe and has definitely become one in Betsies too. The embroiled details on this dress are very typical Monsoon style, bright and beautiful.  

And the last little set again from Monsoon. Betsie had a little blue and white top from her Nanny last year similar to this one, (you may have seen pictures) well it’s just about getting a little too small so this is the replacement almost. She always looks so sweet in broderie anglaise and teamed with the little blue flowery leggings it’s so perfect for here. 


Did you guess right…

Her favourite item straight away, she even had to put it straight on…

The shimmery Elsa dress, from Monsoon!

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    • Jasmine Atkinson Post author

      Haha thank you! I know…I couldn’t believe the thought of her wearing something at Christmas popped into my mind! :/ xx