Our Hello Fresh journey so far…

We’ve just recently been introduced to this fantastic new company called Hello Fresh. They simply provide you with all the ingredients and recipe cards to make the most delicious dinners, straight to your door on a day that suits you.

I was finding I was constantly in the super markets, wondering around aimlessly looking for something to cook for dinner. This also meant that I was always buying far too much food and it was going to waste every week. When it comes to cooking I’m not really very adventurous, our staples would consist of a good curry, spag bol, sausage and mash with onion gravy and a few other easy things, but as you can see nothing incorporated interesting flavours. So when Mum got her first box I was really intrigued by all the ingredients she got; a clove of garlic, a tiny tub of grated parmesan, bags of herbs and the recipe cards looked so yummy and simple. The first thing she whipped up for me was, Garlic buttered seabass with new  potatoes and a cucumber, red onion and dill side dressing, which was totally mind blowing. This sealed the deal for me, I was ordering our box that night. 

They make the ordering really easy, and you can taylor your box to suit you and your family. For us I order from the classic box and we have three meals a week for 2 people, this means that from the 5 recipes they do each week I can choose the three that suit us. We normally have two chicken dishes and a fish or veggie. 

They also do bigger family boxes and veggie boxes too, which have such a wide variety of bits in them. The food is such fantastic quality, I was completely blown away by the size and quality of the chicken breasts, I would imagine you would pay about £9 per pack and in our box we normally have two packs of chicken breasts plus another meat option. Which when you consider all the other bits you’ve got too, you cannot beat the value. We’re now on our second box, awaiting our Monday delivery of box number three and I’m already getting excited about what’s inside. We haven’t had a bad meal from it, everything has been so super tasty and something I would never of thought about making myself, I think it’s the combination of flavours which have really opened my eyes, I was eating pretty plain food and just not really loving it, but now I do really love what I’ve made. 

For more information about the prices and box selections visit HelloFresh. And if you think you might want to order one, send me your email and I can get you £20 off your first box. 



Seabass fillet with garlic butter, new potatoes and cucumber, red onion and dill dressing.


Chicken breast stuffed with sauasge, roasted potatoes and broccoli topped with a chicken stock sauce. 


Smoked salmon tagliatelle with onions, dill, broccoli and garlic


The ultimate chicken burger with a tomato, baby gem lettuce and lemon side salad. 


Prawn and asparagus risotto. I think this has been my favourite by far!! 


Butterflied chicken topped with leek and feta and a side of minted potatoes. 

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