Month 27…

I’m sorry this I’m so late posting this Bobbles…I just haven’t had chance to sit down with the calendar and write it all out..Anyway I’m here now so here it goes…

April 2015:

The beginning of the month started with our journey down the potty training route. I planned it for when I was off work during the easter holidays as I thought it would be best to have some consistency and a plan to just stay in the house. Which for me is pretty killer, but I lined up some friend visits to keep us entertained. You’ll see I’ve done a blog post about the whole journey, but in short – you were fantastic. You were dry in three days and into knickers by night 5. We still have some night time accidents, mainly when you’re shattered and can’t wake yourself up, but you are super brilliant the rest of the time! 

We then had a couple of weeks to fill without classes, due to the easter holidays. But we had some good mornings doing fun crafty things for Easter. Then Easter Sunday we did you a little egg hunt, which you thought was great and you also had one at Nain and Taids house. 

Towards the middle of the month, Daddy went into hospital for his heart operation. Everything went really well and he had some rest time at home for a couple of weeks after. It was so lovely to have him around, although we kept ourselves busy with our normal routine as much as we could. I had to go back to work the day after, but it meant that Daddy could see you when he felt okay in the day but come home and rest if he needed to. It worked really well.

I ran a 10k the weekend after Daddy’s operation and you all came to watch, which was lovely. We did the same as last year and took the little tractor ride to Stockley farm after too. It was really sweet as you got to feed the lambs their milk, although you weren’t too sure about how strong they were and they nearly took it from you and Daddy! 

We started a new dance class towards the end of the month and you love it. This term we are doing salsa and it’s so funny watching you wiggle your hips. 

The last thing we did in April was celebrate Aunty Jessicas birthday. We had cake and candles and of course you helped her blow them out. It was a lovely couple of days and it’s been so nice spending more time with her and Sebi! 

Now your milestones:

So like I mentioned previously you are out of nappies and into big girl knickers. We have Peppa, circus and Frozen sets and you love picking out a pair for the day and then night. You are also very good at putting them on yourself. 

Along with putting your knickers on yourself, you are really getting the hang of dressing yourself. We have taught you to look for the label in your bottoms and put it at the back, then step in and pull them up. Then find the label in your top and place it on the floor (label at the top), put your head through the big hole and find your little arm holes. Sometimes you can’t be bothered and ask Mummy to help you, but your independence is shinning through more and more each day when you run into the bathroom wearing half your clothes I’ve left out for you, with the biggest smile on your face! 

I feel like your talking has come on leaps and bounds, your sentences are just mind blowingly good sometimes. Things like picking up the context to use “yours” and “mine”. Just little things that we notice getting better and better each day. The pronunciation of words is improving and everything is becoming clearer and clearer. 

You’ve grown again, but not as much this month so maybe you’ve been levelling off. 

Well chicken not the most exciting month….We are super looking forward to next month though, because Popsi will be home and we’ve all been missing him so much. Although we only get to see him for 2days because he’s flying off to America again for another 3weeks. It’ll be nice to catch up for a day or two though!

Love you millions chicken! xXx




























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