A little late but your 26 month…

Well March has been a pretty busy month for us…It started with Uncle Josh’s 21st birthday and Hatties Christening, both on the 1st March. We got up early, as usual and got ourselves ready for church. Mummy was taking some photos for the family so we had to get there on time. The service was lovely and really quick, you enjoyed singing the songs and spotting baby Hattie at the front. After the service Franny had done a little afternoon tea party, however typically you decided to fall asleep early and on the shortest journey there! Never mind..I popped in and took some photos and then we headed to Hens house for Josh’s birthday lunch. 

We had done a little photography set up in Hens bedroom so we could finally take some photos of the 5 generations of women in our family! You were playing on your swing for ages and I snapped a couple of brilliant photos of you laughing your head off! We then all sang to Josh, again some beautiful singing from you and you even helped him blow out his candles. 

After that busy weekend getting back to normality was nice, we didn’t have anything in the diary for the next couple of weekends which was nice. You had your normal days with Hen and Nain, speaking to Popsi on Skype and dragging Taid with you everywhere! We also started a dance class which you love. You get to wear your Mini Mouse tutu and prance around with the other little girls. It’s very cute watching you (I do get to join in too though)

We had a lovely afternoon in Tatton Park for Mother’s day with Daddy, Hen and Josh and then we had Rachel and the gang over for a special Mothers day dinner. It was really lovely, Mummy made everyone a big chicken pie with mash and veg, and you did try it so well done! You then had a lovely play with everyone at our house. 

Towards the end of the month we’ve been to the football, where you decided you wouldn’t have your normal sleep in the car on the way so fell asleep on me in the second half, and boy are you heavy now! My arm was hurting for like 2 days after. We also went to Wrexham to celebrate Jude’s 10th birthday. They had a big huge bouncy castle obstacle course in the garden and luckily the sun was shining. You thought it was great fun and had a lovely time playing with Ciara. 

We also took your first trip to the dentist. I wasn’t too sure how it would all go down, so we had been reading Peppa Pigs dentist trip story lots over the upcoming week to let it all sink in. But I think you were generally pretty excited about it. You sat on Mummys knee whilst the dentist counted your teeth with his mirror, you only had one shy phase but that was quickly changed with the promise of a sticker! A very big girl – and you have 16 teeth…two more to go he said! 

To finish the month we started Potty training. Mummy bought all the essentials needed to help the process run smoothly, but you have taken it all in your stride and you’re doing really well. We didn’t officially start until the 1st April, but you had you knickers on from Tuesday 31st. Just to feel like a super big girl even though we had a couple of accidents. I will post more about it next month and in a special potty training post! 


Onto milestones now….

So like I said before you have 8 teeth on the bottom and 8 teeth on the top, so only another 2 to go according to the dentist. We wouldn’t know though as they really don’t seem to bother you anymore. 

Your behaviour seems to have completely done a 180, I can’t recall at all this month having to do a naughty step with you. You have been a brilliant little lady and are becoming cheekier and cuter by the day. You are also so super caring, when Mummy was poorly a couple of weeks ago, you did such a good job of looking after me and stroking me to make sure I felt better. It really was the cutest thing and those cuddles did make me feel better! 

Go clock is still working a treat, although you do (very rarely) sometimes wake up and if the light is still blue tend to just lie in bed shouting us…really really loudly! But on the whole you wait playing with your toys if you have woken up, or sleep through until it’s already turned to the sun and we have a little lie in! Ha all of 10mins really. You then jump out of bed open your door and run to our bedroom, stand next to me and say “awake time Mummy”, and jump in for a cuddle! It’s lovely.

Your height…So last month I had put on the measurement from the very beginning of March, which was 90.8cm…well as you can probably guess you’ve grown again, you are now 91.8cm (as of the 31st March) so another cm in just less than one month! woo hoo

Food wise, things are looking up. We got you back on the M&S risotto last month and this month we have been introducing pasta and ‘sauce’, which is in effect another dinner. It tends to be something like, chicken scrumble, pork and apple casserole (which you loved), tomato and bean ragu and so on, those handy little dinners. We’ve tried spaghetti Bolognese a couple of times too but with no such look, you’ll try a few mouthfuls and thats it. You have developed a massive love for custard too, such a Daddys girl! But things are getting better so I’m happy. It’s also nearly Easter egg time, I know you’re excited about it because your little chick basket is getting fuller by the day ready for our hunt! 

You have also recently developed the questioning stage of growing up….But it’s so cute. “bot you doing bere Mummy?”, “bots bat Mummy?”, “Where Daddy gone Mummy?”, and so on and so on. You’re little voice is just gorgeous and now you are chatting lots and mummy has a phone with masses of storage we are videoing you lots. You love watching them back we all do!

We tell you everyday how much we love you, keep practicing on that potty you’ll get it in no time I’m sure! I can’t wait to read all these back with you, it’s going to give us some giggles! 

Love you chicken pie! xXx






















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