Your 25th month…

Well Little Miss Hughes…you have passed 25months old and what an amazing month we have had….

We started the month with a little bit of a health kick, Mummy bought a new running pushchair and we have done some lovely family runs, however daddy doesn’t come out with us that often any more. But you love it in there and have even asked for the music on when were just going for a walk. Ha 

We decided that we would take you to Splash Landings at Alton Towers for your post birthday treat. We were going to go on your birthday, but because we weren’t really too sure what you had done to your foot we thought we would wait. We set off on a Thursday morning so that we could time your sleep for the way home. The journey is about a 45mins – 1hour away so not too long for you to chill in the car. You just played with your stickers. We had a ‘okay’ time inside, it totally wasn’t what we were expecting. I think after having been to Atlantis Waterpark in Dubai, we’re a little spoilt. There were three big slides which Daddy went on and a little baby slide for you. You loved it, going down, splashing into the water then swimming back round. There were also a couple of bigger swimming areas and an area with water cannons and buckets, but you really weren’t sure about it all, it was very noisy and a little chilly. We’re not too sure you really liked the whole experience. Think we’ll stick to waterparks abroad! 

Mummy also wasn’t very impressed that a life guard had told us we could get dressed and go up and have lunch in the restaurant instead of the little cafe on pool side. So once dressed we headed up to find the restaurant…got there…closed! Really not impressed with that at all. But we got in the car, you fell asleep and we drove to Gusto to have some lunch, you made your pizza and everything was better! We then finished our day with your first trip to the bowling alley. You got your very own special bowling shoes (so cute) and were so funny pushing the balls down the ramp with every body part other than your hands, then just walking off and getting a strike…And Yes you won! 

The snow came again and quite a lot this time. We headed to Nains house one evening and had a great play in the garden. We built you an igloo with a queens chair and the next day at Hens house built a snowman, which you obviously called Olaf! 

Towards the end of the month we went to the Chill Factore to celebrate Uncle Josh’s birthday. We were celebrating early because Pops was heading away and wouldn’t be there to celebrate his actual birthday with us all. Unfortunately your experience with Hen didn’t quite run smoothly. Mummy, Daddy, Josh and Pops had already headed out to the main slope and you and Hen were getting dressed to go into Mini Moose land when someones snowboard fell over and smashed Hens toes. Leading to her not really being able to walk and therefore she couldn’t enjoy her time with you! 

We have had some lovely play dates…We’ve been to Erins house with William and made their living room complete bedlam! But it was a lovely afternoon. We also met Erin at Glebe Farm when Mummy was off work for half term, we had a super lovely morning, you enjoyed looking at the animals and playing on the little park. It was a little muddy and cold but we had a nice time. 

We’ve started swimming on Monday mornings with Sebastian and Nylah. You are the little superstar swimmer showing them what to do. We sing songs and splash about jumping in. You really are coming on with your water confidence, you can swim better than some of the 4 year olds I’ve taught. My new aim is to get you out of your arms bands now and back into your floaty swimming costume, partly because I don’t want you relying on armbands and the other because when we go on holiday the armbands rubbed off your suncream and you got sore arms from wearing them all the time! You had 8 floats in your swim suit last year, so I’m hoping to get you to 4-2 this year!! Little fish!

Other than this we have been doing all our normal things. Spending time playing with family and friends….

Your milestones for this month….

You have started to become a little bit more cheeky, and we’ve had a couple of bad ‘naughty ‘ step moments. To the point in which you have shouted in our faces “yes…naughty girl”, you also sometimes ask to go on the naughty step..strange little thing!

We have started sleep training with you as we had hit a little rough patch of bad habits, so thinking because you are super clever and get everything straight away, we bought a Gro Clock, which glows blue when it’s “sleep time” and turns to an orange sun when it’s “wake time”. We get to set the time for awake time and it’s worked! You sleep through again with no strange waking hours and if you do you see the blue light and go straight back to sleep! Wonderful 🙂

You’ve grown again!! On the 6th February you were 89.3cm and then we measured you yesterday and are now 90.8cm! It’s crazy how much you grow every month. 

You’re eating is getting better. We have managed to get you to eat the M&S risotto again which is fab as its full of green veggies and must be super filling. You eat really well through the day, love your breakfast and tend to eat loadsss. You love a snack from your snack box and because we tend to be out and about it’s very handy! You also love a little chocky treat, it’s very difficult at the moment because all the shops have easter treats in. I think you’re favourite treat is a little chocky lindt bunny. We are really looking forward to doing an easter egg hunt for you. 

The teeth are lining up lovely now, we just need to get that dodee out a little more often in the day time and I’m sure with time they’ll be super straight. They are the cutest little teeth though, especially when you do your super cheeky smile! 

Keep everything up chicken pie, you really are a super little girlie with super long curly hair. You are very beautiful inside and out and surprise us with new things everyday! We can’t tell you how much we love you!! ps…I love you doing my Anna/Elsa hair!






















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