My health and fitness slump…

When we entered January 2015, like most other people I had the idea that I was going to cut out the ‘crap’ and eat healthy. I had given myself 5months to get into the best shape I have ever been. I wanted to look good for holidays and not be carrying any extra weight incase we decided to try for another baby come summer…Well probably like most other people that shared this idea, it has not happened!

I may of had a few ‘good’ spells, where I have picked up all the healthy options, been creative in the kitchen and binned the chocolate however unfortunately these spells have only lasted a week or two! I’ve had moments when I think ‘yes I can do this, I feel really motivated’ , ‘this is it, I’m going to do it’ etc etc…but for some reason my will power is so weak I just can’t stick to it. That along with a couple of illnesses I’ve have been really knocked back. It also doesn’t help that I’m a sucker for Easter eggs and with the shops bringing them out so early and my Fiancé being a complete chocolate feeder, I must have eaten about 10 (possibly more) already! IMG_9201

So as you can probably gather my plan isn’t going so well. I now have 10weeks until we go away, so I’ve really got to sort myself out. I’ve been looking into different supplements and healthy food options to boost me along this journey, which I know is going to be challenging. Organic Burst is one that I’m really keen to start. Their range of superfood products is simply amazing and very easy to slot into everyday life. They explain things in a simple and easy to understand format, so there’s no confusion between what superfood does what for you. They also sell bundles of different products tailored to suit different needs/wants. Because I want to feel more rejuvenated, nourished and give my body a little detox I’ve been looking at the Super Greens at home bundle which is very reasonably priced – I will do a little post once I have tried it out!

IMG_9412The other thing I’m going to start again is my Skinny me tea teatox from SMT. I have done this teatox before and the results were fantastic, so it’s a no brainer for me to do it again, this time though I’m going to make sure I stay on track after I have got the results. It’s very easy to get to that goal and then start slacking, and that is exactly what I have done. The teatox comes in a 14 or 28day packet, but really you can make it last as long as you like, I think I stretched my 28day one over 2 months last time. It contains a loose leaf tea, which is super tasty for a breakfast tea and a colon cleanse which they recommend you do every other night, but I was only doing 1 or two a week as I believe if you are eating well along side you don’t want to be flushing all those good toxins out. 

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 20.34.23

(you don’t have to have the leaves loose like this – I now strain them)

I have also started a massive wish list on Amazon for all my nuts, seeds, different types of flour and sugar supplements, I also found some really good people to follow for recipes. One I particularly love is Lexi’s clean kitchen, she cooks clean, healthy and allergy free, so that means no gluten, no dairy and Paleo friendly, bonus it all looks super tasty. The best thing about her website though is you can save all her recipes to an app called Yumprint. Once you have downloaded Yumprint you can save any recipe from the web to the app, so basically straight on to your phone. I’m hoping this handy little tool is going to guide me down the right path and it will all become much easier. (I’m so lazy sometimes when it comes to cooking) 


I sometimes feel that their is a little too much to follow at times, and I know for me I am following too many of these ‘eat healthy’ food accounts, I’m finding myself scrolling straight past them and not getting any inspiration from them anymore. So fingers crossed with the help of the app and Lexi’s simple and easy recipes I can start on the right track. I think you can sometimes become a little overwhelmed by it all and then completely ignore it or look at it and feel thats enough! ha 



I must also add that along side this, I am going to be exercising regularly. Hopefully by the start of next week this buggar of an illness will have gone and I can start running again. It’s strange to say but I’ve actually missed it! The netball season has now finished so I have taken up Hot yoga one evening which will benefit me massively as I’m a rubbish at home stretcher – always say i’ll do it, but never do. And then I’ll be doing Saturday morning Park runs (wilmslow is opening on the 11th April) and hopefully another 1-2 runs per week. I have a blumin’ 10k coming up which I completely forgot about! Ha 


Lets see how this goes over the next couple of weeks. I’ll be posting about my SMT and Organic burst progress and updates on the foods soon…keep your eyes out on Instagram and Facebook! 

Ps: Any tips and suggestions please share! 


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