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The Gro Clock – The amazing sleep trainer for young children.

Does it do what it says on the box…for us Yes! 

We have recently fallen into a really bad morning routine with Bets. I can’t really remember when it all started or for what reason, but whenever she woke up in the morning if it was too early for us, we would just bring her into our bed until around 7am. Sometimes it would only be half an hour as she was generally quite a good sleeper, but even so we were starting on a very slippery slope.

Things would sometimes take a drastic turn and she’d be up at 1am, 3am, or 5am, with us just calming her down and then getting very frustrated when she wouldn’t go back to sleep and then she would just end up in our bed anyway. We weren’t sure whether she was having another growth spurt, teething or a period of night terrors again! She would wake up hysterical, saying things like she had been dreaming, but it was happening really infrequently. It may still have been a combination of these things but they finally seemed to have settled. 

I already knew about the Gro clock as a friend had bought one a couple of years ago, I wasn’t sure whether they had had any success with it though and there are some mixed reviews about it, but I thought it might be worth it for us, just to try and keep her in her bed with an element of fun! 

It came nice and quickly and we sat and explained it to Bets. She seemed very excited to put it up in her bedroom. She has also developed a recent fear of the dark so the night light was going to be an added bonus for her. It comes with a little story book which subtlety explains how it works for the child, a really sweet story and it’s very easy to set up. You set the clock to turn to the sunshine at whatever time you would like, for us it’s 6.45am and once they’re in bed you just press a button for the sun to disappear and the stars to come out. 

Bets has absolutely loved it! The first night we knew we would hit some confusion as we weren’t letting her out of her room, and as usual she woke up at 5.30am, so keeping her in her room until the sun came up was a challenge but we did it! The second night, she went straight to sleep (which hasn’t been happening as smoothly as normal,so really pleased) and then slept until 7am, so of course the sun on the clock had already come up and she shouted as loud as she could to me that it was ‘awake time’. Night three, again straight to sleep, even telling us “night night, close door please!” and unbelievably slept till 8am! We hadn’t done anything special in the day for her to be wiped out from..I really don’t get it….but WOO HOO! 

For us the Gro Clock experience has so far been fantastic, I hope I haven’t jinxed us! I would throughly recommend this product to anyone who is struggling to keep little one in bed in the morning. It’s great fun and a great tool!

Thank you Gro Clock for lie ins!!!! 





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