The Baby Trend jogger

For weeks and weeks I have been looking at getting a pushchair I could run with. I have been finding it really difficult to plan run in the week as I need someone to look after Bets and with her grandparents already looking after her for two days a week, I have always felt I can’t just ask them to randomly look after her for like 30mins to and hour whilst I go for a run. So in my head the only option was to buy a buggy I could run with so she could come out with me.

I have looked in to so so many…

  1. The ‘proper’ running buggy’- such as: The Out and about Sport nipper V3/V4 or the BOB iron man. These however both feature a non swivel front wheel, which is great for running yes, but when I want to use the buggy for just popping out I thought having an option would suit us better.
  2. The BOB revolution Pro, which does feature a front swivel wheel, but is quite a pricey pushchair and considering I already have a fantastic buggy I couldn’t justify spending that much.
  3. The Baby Trend expedition LX jogger –  very reasonably priced, has the front swivel wheel and looks great.
  4. Baby jogger Summit x3 – again similar to the BOB, looks like a great pushchair but far too expensive.
  5. Phil and Teds – They seem to have quite a large range of different ‘all terrain’ pushchairs, but when I really looked into them, they weren’t fully recommended for fast road running.

You may find when you are looking that ‘All terrain’ pops up a lot. Make sure you look for ‘running/jogging’ because there are tiny little things that may make the difference. We went with the Baby trend and I couldn’t be happier. I did fancy to top model with the hand break, but thinking about it I’m not going to be loosing control of it running down mountains. It comes with a  handy wrist strap in case you fall, the buggy won’t carry on without you. There is a great tray for drinks bottles and a handy covered storage compartment for keys/phone. Mine has also come with a tray for Bets, so she can have her snacks and drink. We also got a foot muff and rain cover including which is such a great bonus.

I really can’t say how much I love this pram… It’s super smooth to run with and at times (flat road) I feel i run better with it. I can feel it’s really pushing my running to another level which is just what I need, especially when you think I’m pushing another 2stone around!

I would highly recommend and if you have any questions whilst looking for your buggy please don’t hesitate to ask.



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