Our favourite books at the minute..

Since Bets was old enough to sit and enjoy a story at bedtime, probably around 10 months old, we have thoroughly enjoyed reading her a story every night. It started with two books, went to three books and now were at one/two books depending on the time she is getting to bed..oh and how we are feeling! ha 

We have pretty much always had the same range of books, obviously the collection has grown over time but we still read some of the books she had when she was little….real classics! I also managed to get hold of a few of my favourite books from when I was little. It was so nice to find them at mums, really brought back some memories and what was ever nicer is that Betsie loves them too. I hope that when she’s older she will remember us reading them to her and I’ll obviously keep them for the next baby and so on…

Here are a few of our favourite books at the moment…


These two were two of my old ones…there is also the Night after the storm, which is also a lovely book, but not one of her favourites! 



She absolutely loves these two books, and they are fantastic to read as they are rhyming stories so nice and easy. Even Daddy can read these! Not too long but long enough for her to feel like she’s had a good story. 


You can’t beat a Peppa Pig collection book! We normally read two stories out of this book as they’re quite short. It’s also quite funny reading these, because if you’re anything like us you will have watched all the Peppa Pig episodes in the entire world and can therefore read all the stories just like they are on the programme! 


We have quite a few books from Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks. They are such pretty books, which is possibly what caught my eye…glitter on every page! Ha 

Other books we have in this range are: “sharing a shell” and  “what the lady bird heard” which is another great one, but slightly shorter. She does love looking for the little lady bird on each page though! 


This Eric Carle book is fantastic, I think she was bought this for her first birthday and it’s been a brilliant learning book. She has loved it from day one and really loves telling us everything that’s in it. Obviously we started by telling her and signing all the animals and colours and shapes to her, and then practicing counting etc…but now she tells us, the animal noises, the colours, the shapes, counts the numbers, what the pictures are on each page etc…

I would highly recommend it! 

It also finishes with a ‘big fat caterpillar’ turning in to a beautiful big butterfly which she loves!



Here she is telling me her animal noises and being very cheeky!



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