Little Martha’s shoot

Just recently I decided I needed to shoot some new babas. Because I’m not doing my photography full time it’s quite hard to actually book people in, A: because I have to arrange child care and B: I have to work it around my work hours and class times.

But non the less I need the practice and after plans changing for a Sunday morning, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get a shoot done. I had been asked the week before by a good friend if I would take some photos of their little one, so this seemed like the perfect day to do it. I went over after her morning snooze, so she would be full of beans and turned their kitchen into a little studio. I think it’s so lovely for them to be in familiar surroundings with their own toys, everyone just feels more at ease and when shooting natural shoots of them that’s exactly what you want.

She is such a little trooper this one and was determined to make us giggle!

Here are some of the gorgeous shots we got…




Don’t you agree she’s a beautiful little lady!!


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