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I must firstly admit, I’ve never been massively into makeup, I don’t think I started to wear it until I was about 15 and that was probably only mascara! When I was younger I was swimming every day, sometimes twice so makeup was always really pointless.

Obviously as I got older I started to experiment with a few different bits, but nothing major. Tinted moisturiser was a favourite for many years! I still only wear heavier foundation on a special day!
I have always found Nivea’s tinted moisturiser fantastic, it’s about £3.99 and you can get it in all the supermarkets. It leaves a lovely gentle, natural glow to the skin and combined with my normal day moisturiser, gives the skin a really soft touch.

I do however absolutely love this lighter foundation from Benefit. I wear this pretty much everyday now as it isn’t as pricey as my thicker foundation and it doesn’t give a really heavy coverage so for me much more wearable everyday. I still love the Nivea but you can’t beat a little more coverage under the old black eyes!



Another piece I have loved for years…slightly more upmarket though, but totally amazing, is Chanels universal bronze. Priced at £30 it is amongst one of the more expensive bronzers but it lasts forever, as you don’t need to apply a lot and has such a gorgeous finish.


I have then swapped between lots of different blushers and still do, but my current favourites are: Bobbi Brown cream blush in pale pink. I bought this a few years ago I’m sure now. It was after having my makeup done at the counter and being suckered in! But I’m glad I was as it’s lovely for everyday wear. The other blusher I use, normally when going out or to just add a little more high light to my cheeks is Hot Mama by The Balm. 




My coverup items have also changed lots throughout the years. I have been following some beauty bloggers online and they have recommended the Rimmel – Wake me up product below, and it does really give a lovely light glow. Which is something I totally need under the eyes at the moment. The other product – Maybeline Dream Matte mousse I know some people may use as a foundation for the whole face, but I love it for covering blemishes and those pesky little spots, I use colour Fawn. 


On to the eyes: For years and years I only wore a light coat of mascara, normally a Superdrug or Tesco special. Rimmel, Maybeline, Max factor you know the type! Unfortunately though these have become more and more expensive and because they keep bringing out new brushes I tend to stick to the same one as I don’t really like testing different ones out. (Costly when you don’t like it)
For a couple of years I treated myself to some lovely mascaras, such as YSLs or Benefits, but they are super expensive and I cannot justify spending that much on a mascara so regularly so my black and orange Rimmel does the job at £7 🙂
Eye shadows and eyeliners…these were only introduced into the makeup box about 6 years ago, well decent eyeshadows anyway! I haven’t really got a clue what I’m doing with them. I pop on some colour give it a blend and off we go! I know there are some beautiful eyeshadow pallets out there and some that would suit me much better than the ones I’ve got. But as a mummy whacking something on in the morning does make me feel a little more done up, even if you can’t actually see it by the afternoon!

I’ve got some beautiful lipsticks and glosses but they only ever get worn on nights out! This in my head needs to change but in reality I can’t see that happening!! Ha lazy girl! The collection holds quite a few Macs, Elizabeth Arden, ………

I would also like to share some of my brushes, as I really struggled to find good brushes. I annoyingly have a skin allergy to real hair, especially animal hair, which you will find in most brushes. So I searched around the internet and the shops to look for some good quality synthetic brushes. I’ve had some in the past which have just fallen to pieces. Eye brushes – I have had for years and years, I don’t know where they are from. Foundation brush is MAC, Blusher brush and large brush are body shop, very soft synthetic brushes and finally the four with the bronze handles are real techniques. I cannot say how much I love these brushes. They work so well with my cream bronzer and are so easy to blend with. Very happy girl when I found them!


This pretty much raps up my everyday makeup bits…I’m hoping to film a little video of how I get ready with my princess in tow. The window of opportunity is only about 10minutes as most Mummy’s will totally understand! 

This is the inside of my makeup box…yes a complete tip to you guys, but everything has it’s place really! 

I’ll also follow with a few posts of the ‘special’ items that are brought out for special occasions…basically days I need makeup to last longer than 12pm! Ha


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