Happy Birthday Princess Pea!!

Happy Birthday to our Beautiful Betsie Rae Hughes…

It has just been your 2nd birthday and we have done lots of celebrating…

We started on the Saturday. We had a little afternoon tea at Hens house, because we weren’t inviting all the Grandparents over for your party we thought it would be nice to see them and do some tea and cake. They brought you some lovely presents over and sang happy birthday to you. We also made cakes in the afternoon and you loved decorating them. You blew out your candle and were very impressed with yourself. 

Your party was on the Sunday and we had a wonderful day. You had lots of friends and family over to play and have birthday lunch. The children loved playing with all your toys in your playroom and eating some tasty treats. We all sang happy birthday to you, including yourself. It’s very cute how you like to sing it along with everyone. You had a super cake, our friend Emma made it for you and it was a special Ben and Holly cake with Peppa and George on. You were fantastic at blowing out your candles too, not too much spit flew out and went all over it.  We gave lots and lots out to people to take home as its so huge! We still have tones left too! 

Unfortunately you had a bit of a tumble, I think you were spinning around in circles and twisted your ankle a little bit but it meant that you didn’t want to put weight on it for the rest of the day and then I think you got a little overwhelmed with everyone there and instead just clung to one of us! But by tea time you were absolutely fine and could bounce and jump around on it! 

So in two years we have watched you grow into the funniest, most beautiful little lady ever. You really are the best thing that ever happened to Mummy and Daddy. Everyday you come out with something new that doesn’t fail to make us laugh, you are also pushing the boundaries as every little one does but we’ve found you’re pretty good at learning what happens and therefore don’t do it again. We really don’t have to tell you off very much and generally just have a lovely time everyday.

You are super loving and caring and your favourite spots for cuddles are in the middle of our bed, on Mummys skin (from being a wee baba), on the sofa (normally first thing in the morning with Dada or late at night when you’re supposed to be sleeping!) You love seeing your Nani, Hen, Popsi (new name from you) and Taid, it’s so lovely that you get to spend two days of the week with them when Mummy is at work. I know you love being somewhere different and doing exciting things with them. They also absolutely love having you and would definitely steal you away more often if we let them 😉

You have grown lots and lots over the past year and it’s now they say if we double your height we will know what you will be when you are fully grown…which makes you very very tall!! You are currently 88.5cm so you will be 177cm, which works out to be like 5ft 10″!! oh my goodness me…It will be very interesting to actually see if that is true! You’ve also got pretty big feet, but I hope you don’t end up with boats..haha (I’ve got pretty big feet though and it’s fine :))

You’ve got very cute teeth, and Nain says they were just like Daddys when he was your age. They still have a little bit of evening up to do and I think you’ve been teething again this month, we’ve had the usual naggy behaviour and you’ve not stopped biting your finger when and if I get that dodee out of your mouth! I think by easter, when the easter bunny arrives we are going to let him take your dodees in return for some choc choc. Maybe that will work…we shall see what I write in March/April time!

You surprise us everyday with your intelligence. I don’t know where it comes from…haha

You can count to 10 and have started learning your alphabet from ‘The mother goose club’ nursery rhymes. You are pretty much talking in sentences…your current favourite being “But I NEED my dodo,pouch,mips(lips)”, or something else you have decided you need at the time, finishing off with “Pweease”. Very funny and very cute. I must say even though you are a bossy little madam (worse than Mummy) Hen says, you are very polite and will always say Please and Thank you.

You love reading a story at bedtime, you always ask for ‘Princess and the peas’ and its very cute how you say it. You also love “pays” playdoh, you like making baby balls with it or peas in a pod. We love sitting with you and playing-it smells so good! You still love baby but Jo Jingles will remain the favourite I think, you sleep with him and Pink bear every night and take him out with you everyday.

Mummy has made you another photo book from 1-2years old, it’s amazing how much your hair has grown and how much you’ve grown up. Its also so lovely to look through it all and see how much we’ve done.

You have just been the most amazing little person ever. Thank you!!! 

We love you so so much Princess xxxxx 

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