23 months….one to go!!

Well Well Well…you are now 23months old and what a busy busy December we have had….

The month started with play dates and the end to our classes so lots of christmas dressing up and activities. I started getting out the Christmas decorations after Uncle Alex’s birthday and we bought a Christmas tree and put it up in the front room. You were very good at helping us put the baubles on, you only smashed one tiny one! Ha

We were hoping to go to some christmas markets up in Buxton, but overtime they were on the weather was horrible and wet, unfortunately I later found out that what was rain here was snow up in Buxton…I was gutted! But never mind, we were heading to London for lots of Christmas activities the week after. 

So London…We headed down on the train with Nain on friday late morning, you were as usual a very good girl on the train, sat happily played with your toys and watched Dvds. When we got back to the house we were pretty shattered and in need of a good cup of tea. You really love a little cup of tea and Nain has the perfect Betsie sized mugs! Daddy arrived later that night and the next day we headed out to the shops to get Daddy some Christmas presents. We walked up to Harrods so we could walk round toy kingdom and the disney area, which we thought you would love and you did. We then mooched around to look for bits for Daddy, but unfortunately didn’t find much and Harrods is just too big! You fell asleep during the shopping, which was good as we could pop into Harvey nice, where we were successful and Daddy did get some lovely jeans. Super skinny ones 😉 We headed home to see Taid and have some yummy tea then hit the sack as we were all in need of it. 

The next day, it turned into another shopping day…today Selfridges…another fantastic shop in London at Christmas. The weather was gorgeous so we took an almighty walk up there. We managed to meet up with Sophie Howarth, so so lovely to see her. You loved meeting the Santas and Paddington Bear and playing with the fake snow, which Sophie very kindly bought you for christmas and after a long day in the shops we walked into Winter Wonderland and met Daddy and Taid. I was so excited to take you in, because you are so like Mummy and Daddy and love rides and crazy things. I wasn’t wrong. You wanted to go on everything. They have a special little area for smaller children (Santa Land). We went on the flying elephants, the merry go round, the reindeer track, the fun house and then back out through the masses to stop for a mulled wine! It really was a wonderful evening and I won’t ever forget how much you loved it! We walked home and had some amazing take away pizza! 

Last day, we just took a gentle walk up the Kings road and mooched in some shops then back home to pack for the train. Daddy stayed down for work for a couple more days so Nain came back with us. 

It was a fantastic trip but boy does London wear me out! 

Towards the end of the month, we started to really get into the Christmas spirit. All the lights wee up in the house, the cards started to arrive and Mummy and Daddy had organised having Christmas drinks at our house! You had a sleep over at Nain and Taids so that we could be loud and have a late night. 

We’ve been to Wrexham to visit Nanny and Pappy. Aunty Xenna has been home and you are loving seeing her all the time at Nains. 

We’ve had friends visit us at home juts before Christmas and then….It was your second christmas, but the first you have really understood. We haven’t stopped talking, watching and reading about Santa and the reindeers. You totally understood who he was and what he will do. You throughly enjoyed seeing all the presents under the tree arriving each time Santa came. I think next year he might not deliver any until Christmas eve though! 

You didn’t seem too bothered about opening the presents, but you loved playing with them once they were open. I think you’re two favourite have been your kitchen from Hen and Pops and your new baby from Nain and Taid. You have been such a good girl and totally deserve to have everything you got! 

Oh ps…you helped Daddy propose to Mummy! Very cute!

Onto your milestones:

You are totally crazy…At times we really don’t understand where you get your energy from as you still aren’t eating fantastic. I tried to introduce vitamins, but you really weren’t keen on them and tried to make Mummy or Daddy eat them instead. They were only Bassetts soft and chewy! 

No teething issues really this month which is great! There’s still a little evening up to happen but hopefully no more breaking through now. 

You have been practicing saying everybody’s names and you have become brilliant…You can clearly say Mama, Dada, Nain, Taid, H (Hen), Pops, Josh, Parth, Xen Xen, Jess, Seb, A-lice (Alex), Hats (Hattie), Al, Fro Fro (Sophie), Emma and the list goes on. All your other words are starting to form sentences and you are amazing us all everyday with things that you have picked up! Tonights favourite…”just jokes” oh and you always call Daddy a “cheeky monkey”. 

You love making food in your new kitchen and totally understand what to do in there!

You have some very funny walks and dances…We can ask you to walk like a crab, or just do your funny walk and you come up with something crazy! Tonight you have started to gallop like a horse and make horsey noises! You love gymnastics and copying the lady (“Lay lay”) doing rolly pollys, and rocking back holding your knees and star jumps. 

We have also done quite a bit of swimming this month and the other day at Nains, I decided to take all your armbands off and see how you would do. You were very happy to let go of the wall and even used your arms under the water to reach me and come up for a breath then dive back down for the wall and pull yourself out! I was so amazed with you! You really do surprise me constantly. Well done you little fish! 

Next month is going to be a big one and I can’t wait to start preparing everything for it! 

Keep it up chicken! We love you! xXx 


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