My adventure beings…

After taking some beautiful shots of little Hattie a couple of weeks ago, which yes were totally gorgeous but quite far from ‘professional’ in my mind, I couldn’t believe that someone had been in touch about having a photo shoot. I was so excited to be taking pictures of a newborn, but at the same time pretty scared about the whole thing. I mean I was jumping right in at the deep end but I this is what I want to do and I know I’m capable!

I managed to sneak some quick practice shots in before the shoot. Fran and Hattie called round very briefly on Saturday morning and what I managed to capture in such a short time was amazing. I really had to prepare myself this time as I didn’t know what the house would be like and whether they would have good ‘props’ and lighting etc…

Here are a few from Saturday.

Photos from the ‘shoot’ will be up soon. 

My beautiful little model xx

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