The last week of Our #100 Happy days

Day 92

Hen and Pops have treated princess to a new bike and she absolutely loves it!! Everytime she sees a bike she shouts me me me…now she doesn’t want to get off! Bless her. 


Day 93

After loving her bike…the little monkey has moved onto wanting a horse!! Oh christ. She’s even tried on Hens riding hat and with a squeeze it fits. How cute! 


Day 94

Toady I had a day with my little lady. We hit the shops and stopped for a spot of lunch together. It was a really nice morning 🙂 She was so sleepy afterwards she nodded straight off in the car, which in hindsight was great as it was throwing it down!!  


Day 95

Absolutely loved cuddles with this munchkin today…with being poorly too recently I haven’t had my ‘fix’ and its been killing me! The feeling of having a baby fall asleep on you is just so lovely, especially when your baby is nearly 2! So glad I get to cuddle him!


Day 96

I loved looking after these two today…Bets enjoyed some new toys and I enjoyed cuddles from another Sebi. Bets also ate loads of toast (bonus at the moment) because Seb was! Woo


Day 97 

Proper snoozy princess, she’s actually snoring!! This car seat is so ace as it reclines, so she can have a really good sleep without her head falling forward! Oh and she always has to wear he Jo Jingles sticker on her head after class. It will be stuck there all day until she looses it! 


Day 98

Toady we have been to the Zoo. We all throughly enjoyed running around looking for the animals and pretending to be them!

Day 99

This little princess knows how to make us laugh! Today we popped into Matilda’s 1st birthday party, hence her super cute party outfit! 

When we came out she decided whilst I was trying to take a cute photo she would do this crazy pose and face! 

Day 100 

Our last #100happydays…they haven’t been a constant everyday photo but over the last few months it’s been lovely tagging photos, I can’t wait to look back at the photo from day one.

Today we have been out for a walk with friends and then headed home for an afternoon of play as it hasn’t stopped raining. 

We have had some crazy cuddles on the sofa and stickers on our faces…great afternoon! 

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