Two weeks to go…

Day 85

She’s so grown up. I can’t believe she is nearly 20 months old! The time has gone so fast, my baby girl is now a little lady and we couldn’t be more proud of who she is becoming. 

We stood under the ‘tunnel’ in Bramhall Park. I love how you can make such little things so much fun. A little imagination and the day is full of lots of eventful things. 

Day 86

Little and large nap time!! Two sleepy heads right there! When I look at her next to Seb it amazes me what a big girl she is now, without him there she’s still my baby! haha

A lovely morning spent out with family for Aunty Xennas birthday. 

Day 87

I leave her with Daddy whilst I go play netball and this happens, you can’t leave them together without some mischief occurring! 

She loves a face paint now. 

Day 88

I love going out for walks when the weather is like this. It’s so so beautiful, fresh and sunny. I do count myself lucky to be able to walk out my front door to fields and loveliness. 

Day 89

Stickers and colouring time. She is still loving sitting at her table an luckily the chairs are strong enough to hold mummies weight as she makes me sit there too. 

Day 90 

Hello October…I can’t wait for the next few months now! Nearly Halloween, bonfire night, my birthday, christmas then princess turns 2! Eee!! 

Bets absolutely loves conkers too, I think she likes how soft they feel in her hand. 

Day 91 

After what feels like a very long time of poorliness, our princess is better! These blumin’ teeth causing another cold which turned into an ear infection, I’m glad to say she’s back to her cheeky self and possibly a medicine addict! Ha So so happy she’s feeling happier, it’s so horrible when they’re out of sorts…not long of teething to go. 

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