Things are coming together… 6

So we’ve been in our house now for nearly 6 months now and things are starting to take shape…We were very lucky to have the whole house painted whilst away on holiday in June, so that was a massive job done and dusted. We’ve just had new carpets in, so it smells so fresh and they look fantastic, I’m so pleased with them! It’s now time to start prioritising the little things, wall decor, little nic nacs…you know what I mean! With Christmas around the corner I’ve been looking at loads of cute little ornaments and decorations that we haven’t been able to have before and it’s making me so excited! I think the house may look like Santas grotto 😐 ha

This week I decided it was time to finally buy some frames, we’ve got so many gorgeous photos printed and more ready to print it’s about time I get them up on the wall. I’ve spent hours looking around all the different shops for frames, but just can’t bring myself to spend so much money on them. Finally I found George home from Asda, they are so so reasonable and they are great frames, perfect for what I wanted. So I did a mass order and have already got them up on the wall, some have photos in but some I still need to decide which I want going up. 

Here are a few little snaps of what we’ve got up at the moment…

This was from My parents as Our moving in card…I love it! 

I also had the luxury of choosing this amazing wallpaper. We have it in two alcoves in the sitting room, it’s so gentle and beautiful yet really warms the room up! This particular alcove is shelved so perfect for little bits and pieces. 

Some of our George frames up in the kitchen. I love this family tree frame…£7 aswel! I intend on surrounding it with lots more frames I just didn’t buy enough in my first order!

Down at the end of the kitchen we have a big ‘party’ poster hung with sharpies in a bucket. Every guest we have round colours a character in and writes us a little note. It’s such a great idea and with over 80 characters I’m sure it’ll take a while to get it coloured in.

My cheeky little princess, these have been framed for a while but I have decided this wall will be Betsie’s art work wall too. Her first painting hung the other day looks perfect, I can’t wait for her to do more and us look back at what she has done! 

I’ll keep you up to date when I finally get more pictures up! 

It’s also not the easiest to make pictures of the house look great ha

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