Our poorly spell…

This month it’s fair to say we’ve had our fair share of illness’ and accidents…

They started mid September. First we all had a spell of gastroenteritis, Daddy had it worse but we were one poorly house for about a week and a half! Not long after this Bets teeth started nagging her again, which meant her appetite dropped. We then had about 2weeks of being okay, Mummy lost her voice after going back to work but that’s not too bad! 

Then at the beginning of October Bets’ teeth really kicked in, she’d had maybe five days of getting some good dinners down her (with help of a sticker chart), then she just didn’t want food…thank god for Ella’s kitchen pouches! 

A normal cold started with a high temperature so we went to the drs on the Tuesday to make sure she was okay, nothing nasty stood out so we just needed to keep an eye on her. She was pretty grotty all week but did slightly perk up towards the end of the week and managed to have a night of sleeping through. Unfortunately Saturday afternoon she plummeted whilst Hen was looking after her, she kept trying to sleep but waking up screaming and shouting ouch! We didn’t know what this was but as soon as Mummy and Daddy got there, she was okay. So that night she stayed at Hens house and although she woke up twice she was fine, not in pain, no high temperature etc… 

I then went to get her on Sunday and she just wasn’t quite right, trying to sleep on me but waking up again screaming and it was really hard to calm her down. I had to call the emergency doctors as I just wasn’t happy. After waiting for a fair while and then having a very traumatic check over (by a friend of mine too) it came to the conclusion she probably had an ear infection bless her. So it was antibiotics straight away, luckily for us Betsie has only had antibiotics twice and both times loved them. So it makes it very easy giving them to her, she even asked for them when she didn’t need them! 

Her temperature went down straight away and within a day or two she had completely perked up and was her normal self….bar eating! I’m really struggling with the eating food scenario and I’m considering ringing the health visitor to give us some more of an idea of how to deal with it. After the tummy bug she has gone off pretty much everything she was eating that was of a healthy option!! It’s so so frustrating and if anyone has any advice please please send it my way!! 

Moving on from Betsies’ illnesses, Mummy and Daddy have had a couple of accidents between them too, I was completely wiped out at netball a couple of weekends ago (the weekend Bets came down with the illness) and I think I have really bruised my ribs and Daddy fell over at football training and put his hand down as you would but unfortunately nearly two weeks later it still wasn’t looking great, a trip to the hospital has revealed he has fractured it and its going in cast today! Oh god! 

A month of demics…lets hope that’s it now! 

Both of us feeling a little grotty so a day out with Hen.

Getting Better and wanting her medicine when she doesn’t need it.

Finally eating some food!

Back to her normal self!

This was so so needed when I was feeling rather tired after looking after my poorly girl! You seriously can’t beat a hot bath to yourself when you’re used to having cold baths with a princess!

Daddy’s Gammy hand!

<3 xXx <3

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