Happy Halloween

Well what a lovely Halloween we have had… 

It all started a few weeks ago when we got dressed up for one of our classes…this is when I discovered Bets absolutely loved having her face painted and getting dressed up. We got to dress up again for another class and then the big one which was tonight…Amelie and Sienas Halloween birthday party. 

There had been some preparation for this party…as always Rach the super party planner had some amazing things up her sleeve. After my raccoon face paint I had been hired to be the face painter…which I don’t mind at all. I really enjoy it and they have such tiny faces its so easy to do! 

The food prep started two days before the party as there was so much to do. A chocolate haunted house with characters hanging out the windows, unbelievable cake pops, jelly pots with snakes hanging out, the list goes on. 

Bets had actually been pretty naggy in the day, so I couldn’t wait for her to see Siena and have a play. I went over to the tennis club (party venue) picked up the girls and brought them back to mums for the face painting to begin. We thought they would like to be the first with face paints to make them feel a little special. 

And then the party started…Bets was stuck to me like glue as expected (36 screaming 6year olds can be pretty scary) but I’ve got to admit she was brilliant really. She stood and played with the face paints, painting her own face for about an hour and a half. I think I made her wash it and start again four times! We then had a dance and some cake and decided it was time to head home. What a brilliant party! Well done Rach!!! 

We even managed to get home in time for the trick or treaters…I thought it would be nice for Bets to see the children all dressed up. She’s still a little too young to take out, next year though! She thought it was great fun the door knocking all the time and our pumpkin outside, the only thing she wasn’t sure about was the fact we were giving away chocolate! Very funny!! We snook a little packet of buttons away for her to calm her down! Ha 

Overall a very lovely Halloween period with some super photos!! 

Can’t wait for bonfire night now 🙂 

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