21 Months…3 to go until the big 2!! 2

This is becoming a very exciting time of the year…We have Halloween, which you understand a little bit more now and absolutely love dressing up as a cat and having Mummy paint your face. Then bonfire night, which I love, I’m not too sure whether you will like fire works but I know you’ll love the bonfire and try to blow it out! Were going to go to a children’s display so hopefully the fireworks won’t be too scary and loud! Then it’s Mummys birthday, which I love every year. I get very excited about birthdays…not just mine though.¬†

Then CHRISTMAS…we’ve been watching lots of Peppa Pig Christmas episodes and I think Father Christmas is sinking in. You know snowmen and reindeers so I hope you get excited when I turn the house into Santas grotto and we get a big tree ūüôā We’re going to go and feed the reindeers, and generally just do loads and loads of christmassy things!¬†

And then after all that missy…you turn 2!!! Oh my goodness…Only 3 months to go and I’m already planning what we will do. Ha¬†

Our October has been pretty busy as usual. I don’t think we could have a quiet month really! We decided we would head to Chester Zoo one Saturday. We wrapped up super cosy as it’s got a little chilly now, so you wore your new posh coat from Jojo Mamen Bebe and it’s totally gorgeous. You absolutely loved walking round, pointing at all the animals. We tried to see everything we could but some animals were hiding from us. Luckily we managed to catch most of the animals before the rain came! But what a lovely day we had.¬†

We have also had a couple of little friends birthday Parties. Sienas 4th birthday tea was good for us as lots of children sat at the table and ate dinner, and because we were having some problems with your eating it was a good test to see what you would eat. And hey you were such a big girl and surprised Mummy by eating lots!

We’ve been to the football, which strangely you really enjoy and sit like a big girl for the whole match. All snugly and warm. It’s also a lovely chance to catch up with Nanny and Pappy.

Towards the end of the month we have had a couple of play dates. We travelled upto Aubree’s and had a lovely play in their new house and then the day after, met Erin and William at the park and had a run around!¬†

Our last eventful day will be 31st as Amelie and Siena are having their Halloween party and we get to dress up again! This time we’re both going as Cats. Mummy is also going to be doing all the other children’s face paints ūüôā¬†


Onto your milestones:

Your hair has had another growth spurt and now when we wet it in the bath or shower it drops right down your back, but when dry you have the best curls ever! like literally wrap around your finger curls. They seem to just be getting tighter the longer and thicker it gets. It’s so beautiful.¬†

You’ve pretty much got your teeth!!!!! Hurrahhhhhh All the canines are through and now all your teeth seem to be lining up nicely. I think we might have the four very back ones to go, but I think that’s a while off. I hope so!¬†

You are getting much better at eating different/new foods. You’ve tried carrots and broccoli (not in pouch formation) and spaghetti bolognese, pizza is good and you love custard. You are also loving grapes and breadsticks. I actually think you would live off breadsticks if you could. So well done big girl, lets keep going…Christmas dinner coming!!¬†

I think you have grown another 2cm, but Im not sure that’s in a month, I would say about 2-3months. But still a very tall bean.

Another big milestone..You are in your big girl bed. Unfortunately after a rather bad night and a tantrum you decided to launch yourself over the¬†cot bars (just shows how tall you are) and you busted your lip. It was a horrible moment but I don’t think you were too fussed about it. We decided that it was time to take off the bars and give you a big girl bed. I couldn’t be more proud of how you¬†have taken sleeping in it. You love climbing in yourself and tucking your teddys in, or daddy. I have put a swimming¬†woggle under the sheet to give you a little barrier on one side and you seem to love¬†putting your¬†back up to it. I think it must give you a little bit of¬†security. (I also think I need to¬†patient it as it’s a¬†brilliant idea) Well done you!

Lastly you’re talking…well what can I say, not as much as you at the moment. You cannot stop, you are becoming a little chatter box just like Mummy. We have about 2-3 words stringing together now and they are becoming much clearer. I think with the talking though a little madam is slightly appearing…You’re very funny though and it’s hard not to laugh at you when you’re being a nuisance.¬†

We love you to the moon and the stars. (you love the moon)


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