Your 19month…

So you’re now in your 19 month and what a cheeky little madam you are!!

You have finally mastered ‘mama’, hurrah 😀 you have also picked up lots of new words and you are getting very good at saying them. ‘Dada, dodee, poppet, no, yes, pops’ and many more. Along with your words you are still signing which at times is a god send as your gobeldegook is hard to understand! 

This month the teeth haven’t been too bad, the four molars are pretty much through, only one has a little bit of gum left in the middle. Not much sign of the canines yet though, I can see one little white spot but you haven’t been your typical teething naggy self so I’m guessing you’re having a little break from them. 

During this month you decided to have your 18month sleep regression period. Which I have written another post about, but woah that hit us like a tone of bricks! We even had to have a J-day after a particular bad night. I’m very glad to say it only lasted a week and a half and you are now back to your super sleeping self!

After you’re mammoth growth spurt of 2cm in 2weeks a while ago, you haven’t grown much more. But you are still a super tall bean next to your friends. 

In terms of ‘doing stuff’, it’s been a little bit of a quiet month. Daddy had his operation half way through and you loved looking after him and looking at his ‘ouch’. Kissing it better and hugging Daddy, which he obviously loved!

We’ve had a few play dates with friends and you had a sleepover at Nainy’s house, she said you were a very good girl. 

Hen and Pops bought you a new trampoline and you absolutely love it! Running and bouncing around in circles. It’s the perfect size for you, even if you do make us sit in there with you. You literally spend hours in there. I’ve even had to give you your lunch in there a few times! 

P.s: Mummy chopped all her off too!

Next month is going to kick us up the butt, as we are back into routine and have some very busy days ahead of us! You’ll be going to Nains or Hens twice a week, which I think will be really good for you to be away from Mummy for a little bit. Lets see how we get on next month….

Love you lots cherub! xxx


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