#100 happy days this week

Day 71

This little miss could stay in here all day. It’s crazy how much we don’t use the pool. It’s there every single day and we might use it once/twice a month!! Starting in September we are going to have a regular swim session every week! She is so good at it, such confidence!

18months old and has been confidently swimming in armbands for 3months! 

Take after Mummy baby girl 🙂

Day 72

Mum and Dad have treated Bets to a new 6ft trampoline for their garden. It’s up and ready and she loves it. She didn’t stop running and jumping around it all day. It’s tired her out that much she fell asleep on me in M&S, so unlike her! Ha

Thank you Hen and Pops.

Day 73

Betsies Bus tour…come and get your tickets!! She spent about 10 Minutes in here without me even needing to put a £1 in! Brillinat.

Bonkers little child.

Day 74

Chocolate rations have gone to pot!! Ohh man! I seriously need to go and do some exercise. This is getting beyond ridiculous and we just cannot stop!

Day 75

Out for a walk with the crew today! Daddy, Uncle Will, Roberta, Poppet, Fergi, Betsie and baby. A lovely walk unto the Edge. Beautiful views on a lovely day. 

We are so lucky to have this on our doorstep. 

Day 76

Where’s my cheeky Betsie? Sunday mornings chilling in bed are just the best! This is totally her new favourite game and every time she comes up stairs she jumps into our bed and hides under the covers. Even if we’ve seen her jump in there, we have to pretend she’s gone and we can’t find her. 

Day 77

Playing with Matilda at the park. They were just too cute for words, chatting away to each other like they totally knew what each other was saying. Might sound like gobeldigook to us but they knew! It was very sweet to watch them holding hands and bouncing off each other. 

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