Getting close to the end of Our #100 Happy days

Day 78

2 hours in Ikea make us all feel like this today!! Haha her facial expressions are just gold! We always seem to be snap chatting Aunty Al when she pulls them too! 

Day 79

Setting up her new table and chairs with Daddy this morning and then getting to do her colouring! She went slightly crazy and hasn’t stopped sitting at it all day. What a great way to spend £20! It’s an absolute bargain!

Day 80

Today we have started back with our routine. This morning was Toddler Talk, a favourite of ours. Bets decided she wanted to dress up as Buzz Lightyear!! Mummy is off to work this afternoon, so Nainy and Aunty Xen are babysitting. Can’t wait to hear what they get upto!

Day 81

I love that when I’m out at work this little madam is having a fantastic day with her Aunty Xen and Nain. Aunty Xen took some super cute photos of them playing together. This one I love!


Day 82

So this seems to be her new face at the moment. She has another set of teeth coming through so maybe this makes her gums feel better! Very funny, little pouter. 



Day 83

Hiding in the covers again this morning! She is the cheekiest monkey ever, not long after this photo was taken she weed on Mummy’s side of the bed, but she is just too cute to tell off! lol Look at that grin!


Day 84

Yes I have just had to make a bribery tool. Whether it’s the teeth or not we are struggling to get and flavoured food down little miss at the moment! Well this evening we’ve had a break through and she’s eaten vegetable and cheese risotto and potato animals! hurahh! So one sticker on her chart already!


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