Watching you grow.

Monday has become our day without anything planned. So last week we got loads done. We went for a swim at 9.30am, then a 45minute walk with Poppet, which I thought you would fall asleep on, but no such luck. We then thought it would be nice to meet some friends at the park. Unfortunately they couldn’t make it, but we had such a lovely play together it was actually quite nice it was just us. 

I took you down to Bramhall Park and we played on the swings and the slide for ages, I thought it would be nice to pop to the cafe for a little bit of lunch. It isn’t the greatest place to eat but it was sunny and we could sit outside. You were a big girl and ate lots of you special kids lunch box, which surprised me as you are still being super fussy with your food!! 

After lunch you were still desperate to play on the park and we had nothing else planned, so we walked back along the path through the ‘tunnel’ to the swings. Here is where I captured the most beautiful photos of you. You thought it was great fun standing under the tunnel of leaves and I managed to capture lots of very cute photos. I can’t wait to have them printed!  

Looking through them after made me realise what a big girl you have become. You look so so grown up and tall and it’s amazing what a lovely, beautiful little lady you are! 

We love you xXx

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