20 months has absolutely flown by…

Every time I talk about you, people ask me how old you are and when I say 20months, I sort of have to re think it…It has absolutely flown by and I cannot believe you are nearly two. Christmas and your birthday this year is going to be fantastic, I’m hoping you will get whats going on! 

This month has been much busier than last month, just like I said. We started by visiting lots of friends and playing in the park. We took a trip to Ikea and bought you a new little table and chairs and you absolutely love sitting at it! Mummy and Daddy have been back at work and so you’ve been having two days a week with Hen or Nain. It has worked really well so far and I think it’s a really nice thing that you have time alone with them. I love hearing all the stories about what you’ve been up to and of course getting photos throughout the day. 

Your classes started back up again, which is nice as we get to see our friends a little more often and you’ve had another sleep over at Nain and Taids house, you’re also going to have one at Hens in the next couple of days! 

We also celebrated Aunty Xens birthday, we went for a lovely lunch at the Black Swan with Nain, Aunty Jessica, Aunty Janet and baby Seb. There’s a photo of you and Seb sleeping in your car seats and you just look massive, very cute though! 

Milestones this month:

I must say they haven’t massively changed this month…

Your words are getting better everyday, you’ve always managed to pick up a new word which you impress us with. You have been practicing your colours and you are getting very good at them. We started with orange being your favourite and now it’s pink. You know yellow, green and blue too, you can say purple but I don’t think you associate it with the actual colour yet, your just good at repeating it.  

I’ve just been writing on the calendar your poorly days, which again falls right at the end of the month. This little spell of teething has been horrible and you got a nasty cold, cough and fever! But on a brighter note three canine teeth have broken through, so hopefully they’ll come down soon and the last one will pop through. Fingers crossed you have all your teeth at christmas! 

You’re starting to understand the potty a little bit more now. You’ve had a few episodes on there which is fantastic, but I think we might of been lucky with those. You seem to know that you need to sit on it, as you bring it out of the toilet and then we find you’ve already been in your nappy. So were reading Pirate Petes potty training book to try and sink in what to do, but were not forcing it, you’re still only young. 

Maybe not a milestone as such…but you are SO into Peppa Pig, it’s slightly crazy! 

Here’s a few photos of this month..

We love you xXx

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