Even more of Our #100 happy days 1

Day 57

Selfies whilst getting dressed!! She totally loves looking at herself, always has done! Like I said yesterday, she just cracks us up everyday, these faces are a constant giggle!

Day 58

This big girl just loves her new little cousin. She’s so gentle with him and just can’t get enough when we let her hold him! She points out all his little features. Ah so cute..Family is the best. 

Day 59

Today we are at the wedding of the beautiful Mark and Saskia Weekes…the sun is shining, it’s a good day for a wedding!

Day 60

Princess in her princess tower. Lovely afternoon playing in Hen and Pops garden! She’s now watching Peppa Pig sat in her tent! Very cute!!

Day 61

7years ago today my best friend finally plucked up the courage to ask me out. Thank god he did as I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I love you Curtis Hughes 

Day 62

Today this little munchkin needed cuddles, those teeth have given her a nasty fever and she’s been my limpit for the day, but I don’t mind…look at that face…pure beauty!! 

Day 63 

My princess is back! After a horrible few days of a fever and not eating due to a sore throat, she woke up today and is very nearly back to herself!! Poor little pumpkin, but that smile today just shows me how much better she is feeling! 


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