Into the last quarter of Our #100 Happy days

Day 64

This week has been a week for catching up with friends. We went to Wild things in Bramhall for a good run around and slide down the slides, and a play at friends.

We’ve had friends from Tiny Talk over for a morning play time, and our last play was at the end of the week…unfortunately Bets didn’t have he usual morning sleep and took a very long time to go down, meaning Mummy had to cancel it and re arrange!

Day 65

Tonight Bets went a little crazy with the selfies…So I decided to give Aunty Al a laugh as we’re missing her loads. I started snap chatting loads of different pictures and videos to her. She loved them and Bets loved doing them. Crazy little thing!

Day 66

A few little snapshots of todays outfit. She can be the hardest kid to get photos of, sometimes she is quite happy to sit and pose and then typically when I want to get a cute picture of her she is darting around like a crazy loon. Today was one of those days! Ha

This little outfit it super cute…Skirt given to us from a friend, Floral vest Mini Boden, Shoes Next.

Day 67

Today we travelled to Birmingham for Curtis’s operation. Nothing major but something that will hopefully make life much less stressful for him. For now he is my patient and as my patient he deserves a lot of chocolate…and a hell of a lot of chocolate!

Day 68 

The many faces of Betsie Rae Hughes…

I simply don’t think this photo needs anymore explanation…

Day 69

After a very long night with little miss yesterday, we decided to have a J-day (Jama day) we stayed in our james until 3pm, something I never do. But gosh it was lovely. We then walked into the village and went to the park and the supermarket. It actually turned out to be a lovely afternoon so some fresh air did us all some good!

Day 70

My little lady always has to touch Mummy’s skin. She has decided again today she isn’t having a nap today. I think she is telling us that that’s it for naps in the day! Which is fine, it also means for a few days I get to have cuddles like this when she is feeling tired.

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