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After seeing Olivia Palermo wear her maxi skirt as a dress, I decided to re think how I ‘normally’ wear my maxi skirts. I have posted a quick and easy outfit post about using a light maxi skirt as a dress but this week I decided to try something new with my Zara silk maxi skirt. 

I bought this skirt a few years ago and unfortunately it has only been worn on a few occasions, not because I don’t love it, simply because I didn’t think of different ways to wear it. The standard ‘on the hip’ look was one I stuck with, it made it really difficult to find a top and wasn’t very flattering.

So with a little imaginative thinking I came up with this little ensemble the other morning…I tried it two ways, stuck with the second option (shown in the pictures) but I did like the first too, so hurrah, two new ways of styling up my beautiful skirt. 

Option #1

My skirt pulled up high with my blouse tied around my waist. 

Worn with super simple black and gold sandal.

Option #2

Skirt worn around the waist with a little midriff showing 😮 Again white sheer blouse knotted at the waist. 

This is something I never do..Get my midriff out, but I’ve got to say I quite liked it. 

Wearing it like this also made my skirt a little longer, which is great as it gives a little hint of my sandals still. 

My instagram post of the detail…

Blouse – Primark £9

Rings – Waltons Chester

Necklace – Posh Totty Designs £69

Skirt – Zara (cannot remember the price, sorry)

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