Feeling a summery monochrome

With the weather constantly changing and the fact I’m normally dressed rather early in the morning, I always have to try and think of an outfit that I can easily swap an item over to suit the weather. For example: start with jeans and a blouse, but a blouse that can go with a pair of shorts or a skirt…or vice versa! With a little one I’m normally caught out, just as I leave the house and then don’t have a spare minute to change, but today I was wise. 

I wore my white loose blouse with a vest top underneath, started with shorts shown in the picture but changed to black cropped jeans! Having a little sleeve and a vest meant that it was quite weather suitable! 

I’m currently working on more changeable outfits! 

Worn with black and gold sandals and very simple jewellery. I don’t really get time to accessorise in the morning, I also find it more comfortable to hold Bets without all my clobber on! 

Also sorry for the shameless Iphone bedroom mirror pictures, I am hoping and planning to get out and do some ‘proper’ blog pictures but I do struggle to find the time and the person to take them! Ha 


Top –  Warehouse (a very long time ago)

Shorts – Zara

Shoes – Dorothy Perkins

Watch – Rolex Datejust with pink flower face

Pandora Rope Bracelet

Necklace – Posh Totty designs


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