Summer is coming

Summer seems to slowly be creeping into England which is great for us as we’ve just coming back off holiday and it’s so lovely to put dresses back on. There have been the grey days but nothing that has made me feel grumpy! 

Since coming back we have been pretty busy with planning Betsies’ christening, which was a total success, we had such a lovely hot sunny day. (I will do a post about the christening when I have some of the photos) 

Here are a few photos of what we’ve been wearing with a sneaky peak at Bet’s christening dress! 

Running around getting bits done requires an outfit thats quick easy and comfortable. 

Zara top, Topshop leigh navy jeans, and aldo pumps.

Another sunny day here means dresses!

I haven’t worn this dress for years, I just wasn’t sure about the shape of it, but actually I quite liked it when I put it on (hurahh a new dress without spending anything)

Bet’s dress is a little M&S number. The colour on her with her brown arms and legs is so cute. She’s like mummy and suits mustard.

Popped into Nanas today and found this old thing. This little doggy has been passed through many generations in our family. Bets loved having a little ride around on him. 

She’s wearing her white M&S cardigan, Frugi reversible dress, and Flossy pumps. 

 Christening dress from behind. (Debenhams)

Look at those pretty curls. So cute!

This morning she thought she was going to Glastonbury…Getting her festival gear ready! Ha

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