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Since moving house I have tried to stay on track with the ‘healthy’ eating malarky. I do actually enjoy eating spinach and eggs and couscous etc for breakfast and I really couldn’t think of anything worse than eating cereal first thing in the morning. 

It’s strange, I used to be such a cereal girl, I’d have it for breakfast, I’d quite happily eat it as a snack and sometimes I’d eat it after netball! I used to have a real variety of cereal, really sugary ones, normally frosted wheats or frosted shreddies (bloody expensive too) branflakes, special K etc etc…then plain boring porridge, sometimes with banana and coconut milk. This just wasn’t helping me, not only was I massively bloated first thing in the morning but by 11am I’d be starvinnggg!! 

When mum started reading into the whole eating clean stuff and personal training I thought I’d jump on the band wagon too…thank god I did! 

Yes we’ve had periods where we couldn’t face spinach in the morning, for me mainly when I was pregnant, but on a whole we have really cleaned our diets up and I think if we looked back at ourselves we are so much better off now! 

It seems that over maybe the past year the whole food industry has changed massively. From wholesome products being much more readily available to social media broadcasting recipes, ideas and ingredients. I know for a fact that these things have contributed to my success, I don’t think without ‘Instagram’ and the people I follow I would have the imagination to think up some of the breakfasts, lunches and dinners they post. I also think that along with this whole ‘eating clean’ business people love to post their own stories of success, this again is a massive kick up the butt! If they can do it, why can’t I! Well that’s how I looked at it. 

If I compared my photo from 40weeks 3days pregnant (the day I gave birth) to a photo from this week I really don’t think I’d believe how big I was. In total I had put on 4 and a half stone (mostly water retention) but I was huge! Through ‘some’ exercise, lots of good food, quite a lot of bad food (chocolate mainly) and breastfeeding I am now maintaining (very important) a healthy weight. Yes I could do with some toning up but generally I feel good. 

Overall I think my message to you, something Myself and Mum always say is 

“Everything in moderation”.  

You don’t need to kill yourself in the gym every night, you don’t need to starve and banish naughty food from the house, you just need to moderate your life and what you eat. 

I hope this helps for some of you out there, I understand those that can’t follow the certain life style choices I do but I’m sure you’ll find or already have you’re own ways.


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