Sunshine is coming…

Over the past couple of days we have been getting a little bit of warm weather, meaning we can venture into our summer wardrobes! Hurrah! 

Bets has been bought soooo many summer dresses it’s actually crazy! I think I have counted 18 so far, which is just bonkers considering we haven’t even hit summer yet. We have also unpacked loads of clothes that a friend has passed down to us, meaning I don’t have to buy her anything practically all summer!! Which in the grand scheme of things is actually really hard because there are just so many gorgeous little things out there! Hey I guess it just saves me money 🙂

Here are just a few little snaps I ‘remember’ to take when were looking okay (well me…Bets always looks adorable)

Playing in the park in cream leggings isn’t the best idea so I just throw on her light rain suit and she’s off for a fab play without a worry of getting dirty! It was also a little breezy so it did keep her snug!

This is a little Jojo Mamen Bebe suit, handed down from friend. So lucky!

My big girl absolutely loves brushing her teeth, I took this photo to show our friend that she had a full outfit of theirs on and just how cute she looked!

This little summer outfit was given to her for her birthday, it’s such a pretty little top and she just looked beautiful. This is her taking a selfie and sending it to Aunty Al! 

Thought I’d throw a Mummy one in as I very rarely remember to take a photo of what I’m wearing…

Here I have taken ‘boyfriend’ jeans to the max and I’m actually wearing Curtis’ jeans. I’m very lucky they fit so well because they are so comfy. Teamed with my Zara blouse and Urban Outfitters cardigan. 

This one was taken today just before the sun decided to hide behind the clouds! 

This little outfit was bought by her Great Nanny just last week when they came to visit the ‘new’ house. It’s a little Morrisons set, and it’s so gorgeous! She’s wearing it with a little Jasper Conran cardigan and her new silver shoes! 

So so cute!!


Lots more summer snaps to come…and not long until our holibobs now!! 

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