My SkinnyMeTea progress

So I’ve been doing a Skinny Me Tea Teatox for a couple of months now. I originally ordered a months supply but instead of sticking religiously to it and colon cleansing every two nights and having a loose leaf tea every morning I stretched it out. I took a picture of my body at the start of it and then a couple through it, then a final picture. I find that taking pictures helps keep me motivated!

They suggest that you combine drinking the tea with exercise and good diet. At the start I was great with the exercise as I was running quite often, with the diet I do have my ups and downs. I’m always good at ‘meal’ times but the snacking mainly after dinner is my killer! Because I had ‘treated’ myself a little too often I really didn’t think there would be much change, but it was unbelievable. 

These pictures were taken around February (left) then beginning of March (right) 

I couldn’t believe how much had dropped off my sides!

We then had our moving house date looming and typically I became really ill. I honestly felt like I’d been hit by a train, couldn’t believe it had hit me that week. I didn’t have time to mope around I had a hell of a lot to do and just got on with it. We only had a few days to get the house completely liveable (with a small child) so the cold just had to leave…

Well it didn’t and it got worse which meant no exercise for like three and a half weeks, not great when I had Manchester 10k coming up! This typically meant my snacking got worse, all you want when you’re poorly is treats! ha well I do anyway. 

I tried to get back on track with the colon cleanses and tea in the morning. I thought it might help sort my immune system out or at least perk me up a bit. I do think it helped a bit, I managed to run Manchester 10k, not very fast as I did feel weak but I got round and throughly enjoyed the atmosphere.  

I have now done another two months of infrequent colon cleanses and tea mornings, trying to pick it up for holibobs and here are a few pictures from the other day.

Again I can see a massive difference, even though I feel like a blob still!

Hope my little stories help others out there. The diary of progression certainly helps me. 


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