My first night away from Bets

So at the end of April it was a very close friends birthday and the plan was to go to town for some food and then out for a dance. I was really looking forward to it because I hadn’t been out with my girls in nearly two years. 

Way back when I was pregnant I had to cancel what was going to be my last girly adventure for a while. We had planned to go to Ibiza for the closing parties at the end of the summer. I thought I would be fine only being like 6 months pregnant, but when it actually came closer I just couldn’t face it. I was going to bed at like 9pm because I was feeling so sick. I couldn’t really eat much in the day and therefore had the energy of a sloth! I also felt and looked vile in most clothes…how could I go and sit on a beach next to my beauties in Ibiza!! So I actually cannot remember the last time I spent time away and stayed out!! With breast feeding it’s really tricky and in my mind sleep was way more important! Ha 

Well Bets is now old enough to not have milk and sleeps through, so there was no worry of her waking up and wanting me, so I planned to stay at my best friends just to have to the full effect of ‘going out’. 

We had such an amazing night, I absolutely loved getting all dressed up and dancing my little head off, making my feet super sore! 

Love my girls xXx 

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