In the new house

So we’ve been here for just over a week and it still doesn’t quite feel like ‘ours’. I’ve described it to people as feeling like I’m on holiday in someone’s house and I’ll be leaving soon. 

We’ve done a really good job of making it feel really homely. We have managed to get pretty much all our furniture up, annoyingly though our head board was too big to go round the stair doorway so our bed still isn’t up. But a few nights on a blow up mattress and now on our actual mattress aren’t so bad! It will be done this week…I’ll make sure 🙂 

Betsies room is just lovely, so sweet and girly. I have a few more things I’d like to get but they’ll come in time, I don’t want to rush into buying things as I’m constantly seeing new things that I think are just adorable! 

Downstairs is going to be a working progress, we are currently still picking a table as I’m trying to find one small enough for the three of us for everyday, but extendable for the massive family which we want over for tea!! 8-10adults and 1 (soon to be 2) children plus puppy. The space really isn’t that big ha! 

We have a gorgeous front room and beautiful middle room, both currently have sofas in. My head seems to be toying with the idea of making them one sitting one dining?! Oooh I just don’t know! 

I’m sure time will tell and we’ll move things around! 

Here are a few snaps of it so far…

Little photo bomber!! 

Lots more to go, but it’s a lovely start!! 



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