The struggle

Buying your first home…
For us buying our first home has been no easy matter. We started looking at the market in early 2013 just to get a feel of what was out there. Buy the summer we had decided we were ready to find ‘that property’. This we thought would be easy…boy were we wrong! It took ages to find something we could imagine ourselves in, something we wanted to bring our family up in.
Finally at the beginning of the summer we found a house which we instantly fell I love with. You know when you just get that feeling. We were the very first to view it and with another 7 viewings booked that week we knew we had to act fast if we wanted it. Offer went straight in and was accepted! Hurrah we are getting there. 
Normal protocol started and we thought things were moving, a couple of weeks passed and there was no talk of exchanging contracts let alone a completion date! Things then went pretty downhill, and unfortunately for us a very very long downhill. 
As the months passed by, we kept our eyes out for anything else but there just wasn’t anything as good or even close! Argh what do we do?!
We waited longer and still nothing. Constantly promised ‘they’re looking for another property, they feel really bad’. By this point I’d had enough, if they wanted to sell they’d rent, just like every other seller! 
After really talking about the situation and having another viewing we came to the decision the house was too small and we had fallen in love with the decor and not the actual walls of the house. 
Thank god!!
Luck turned and right at the beginning of the new year we got a letter from a private seller, whose house we had flyered! They were willing to sell and wanted to know if we were still interested? After one viewing we knew this was the house for us, everything about it was so perfect and we couldn’t be happier with the way things have turned out! 
Time to move!!!! 

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