Running in the sunshine

I haven’t really managed to get out for a run that much lately…well after my 10k on Mothers day. I attempted to go on Saturday morning to Bramhall Park run, but Bets woke up really super early (5.20am) and didn’t really go back to sleep, so I just didn’t feel like running. Instead we walked into Alderley Edge had some breakfast and walked home, about a 4mile round trip. So I didn’t feel too guilty. 
As the weather has been perking up I’ve had the feeling of being sort of desperate to go for a run and today I managed to get out. I was planning on a 10k as I have Manchester 10k coming up soon but unfortunately I left it a little too close to tea time so I could only squeeze in a quick 5k. It felt so nice being out in the sunshine, listening to my music and plodding along. I managed our ‘end of the road’ run in 24.45mins so I was quite pleased with that. 
Hopefully I’ll get out for Park run Saturday am.
P.s A super snack for after…throughly enjoyed these today!

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