Cheshire 10K on Mother’s Day…

So today was my second Mother’s Day and I had decided I was going to start it with a 10k around cheshire. It was a beautiful day luckily, as I was beginning to doubt my abilities to actually run a 10k. I haven’t run anything near this distance in 3years and I definitely wasn’t a big runner then either. 

We got there nice and early, with a toddler it definitely isn’t just a turn up, grab your number and run anymore. Got there had to change a dirty bottom, set up pushchair, make sure princess had food and then, only then could I go and get my number and start stretching! 

10am came and off we went, I started my music and got into the zone. I knew I didn’t want to push myself too hard for the first 5k as I wasn’t sure how my legs would feel, but we got to that half way marker and I felt good, very surprisingly! I hadn’t run it in a bad time either so I was really pleased about that. Now only 5k left to run, it was such a nice run, beautiful fields and houses and because there was so many people were running I constantly had something/someone to focus on. I came upto 8k and there was Curtis and princess waiting for me, such a good little boost. Nearing that finish line, my favourite song came on (gold dust) and sprint mode set in. There had been a woman in front of me the whole time, I was going to burn her! It felt so good flying down the gravel path to the finish and stopping my watch!! Hurahhh 10k done.

As the race was in Arley Hall, where Stockley Farm is, we took princess to see the animals. She absolutely loves animals and really enjoyed running around in her wellibobs. I think as much as she loves the animals the best part was the tractor ride, she made a little game up where she had to balance whilst the tractor wobbled her around. She thought it was hilarious! 

To end a wonderful Mother’s Day, Curtis’s little sister made a fantastic afternoon tea, which we all throughly enjoyed. 

 Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mummy’s! 


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