The stages…

After catching up with a close friend the other day (who is expecting in the summer),  It really took me back to being pregnant and getting everything ready for our imminent arrival of our ‘Splodge’, buying our first pack of nappies and packing our bags for the hospital.

I absolutely loved giving her advice on what to expect…how labour really wasn’t that bad (paracetamol only over here 🙂 how much I loved my water birth and everything else in between!

I also advised her to take photographs of her growing bump as you can totally forget what you looked like at each different stage. I find mine hilarious now, looking back through at my swollen feet and chubby face! Gosh you don’t realise how big you actually were!

This is the first time I am putting these pictures out there…I think it’s really nice for expectant mothers and new mothers to see the growth! Don’t worry not everyone gets this big..ha! My total weight gain was 4st 7lbs!! Wow Wee 😀

I thought it would be funny to face paint the different holidays on my bump too…

Our 3D picture of Bobbles…An amazing yet slightly freaky scan at 27weeks. They say optimal time for this type of scan is between 26-32 weeks. 

Our little monkey was munching away on placenta and as we didn’t want to know the sex we only had head shots!

^^^^Exactly 1 week before Betsie arrived. ^^^^

                                      An easy comparison of the massive growing Bump!!

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