Well in amongst all the craziness of preparing for the wedding, we have also been preparing for our big girl to start school. It’s been a fairly long summer as Bets finished school pretty early on in July, but it hasn’t felt really long, probably because we’ve been in a […]

Her new adventure…starting big school.

Just recently I’ve been asked to take some sneaky pictures of three cousins for a special birthday present for their Grandma.  They came out absolutely gorgeous and she was so thrilled with the present when they gave them to her. We were super lucky with some gorgeous sunshine and natural […]

A little shoot for a secret birthday present

Well what can I say, I am truly blessed with the bestest group of girlfriends, who planned THE best hen do away for me. I wasn’t really told much about the trip at all, I only really found out that we were going to Cannes about 2/3weeks before we went, […]

Cannes…Hens hens hens

Well our past month has been a pretty busy one…yes again! We have had little miss finish school, which has meant that we haven’t really had much of a routine, which has been lovely, especially in the mornings. It has also meant that we could go out and do things […]

Toddling into the 14th month

I have been getting the ‘big’ camera out more and more, and we are totally loving it! The photos that are produced are just heavenly and having a house full of photos it means that they are looking more and more beautiful on the walls.  We have captured so many […]

Summer photography