So  getting that little bit older, I’ve started  to think about the Christmas photo shoots and with a few in the pipeline I thought it would be worth while getting my little Bs involved in one! I always love a christmas card with them on now too, so these will […]

Pre Christmas shoots

So as you all might know we have just tied the knot and celebrated with the best day of our lives. I will get a couple of posts up soon about the day soon but for now, I want to write one about all the prep etc so I don’t […]

The build up to the 2nd September….

Well this is a tad late, although you won’t know it! ha 15 months has passed us by and this month has been a super exciting one, we’ve been even more busy than normal and celebrated the most special day…Mummy and Daddys wedding!! The month started as the last month […]

15 months, such a big boy!

Well in amongst all the craziness of preparing for the wedding, we have also been preparing for our big girl to start school. It’s been a fairly long summer as Bets finished school pretty early on in July, but it hasn’t felt really long, probably because we’ve been in a […]

Her new adventure…starting big school.

Just recently I’ve been asked to take some sneaky pictures of three cousins for a special birthday present for their Grandma.  They came out absolutely gorgeous and she was so thrilled with the present when they gave them to her. We were super lucky with some gorgeous sunshine and natural […]

A little shoot for a secret birthday present