We’ve just passed your 3 month mark and wow another month has absolutely flown by. It’s been a busy month, full of lovely happenings and days out, and on reflection we’ve had a really good summer, full of lots of hot sunny days! So here’s what you have been doing […]

3 Months have gone rather quickly.

I was recently contacted by a lovely Pr lady to ask if we would like to take part in the Bratz #SummerOfBratz campaign. Of course we’d love to, Bets loves Barbie dolls etc so I knew she’d love receiving a brand new Bratz doll. We were sent Jade and instantly […]

Our #SummerOfBratz

So if you’ve read my blog or know me personally you’ll know how much I love breastfeeding and all the benefits of it, such as giving your baby the super nutrients they need, helping you loose some of that baby weight as it helps tighten the uterus back up, you […]

Breastfeeding mishaps #mumlife

IMG_3953 10
So we have discovered the most wonderful new place to adventure…Trentham Gardens in Stoke. It’s literally amazing and I could go every sunny day we have. We are very lucky to only live 45 minutes away as I have visited twice this week and there will be many more times to […]

Our new favourite place…Trentham Gardens

With the English summer you really have to make the most of sunny days. So we have made sure we’ve left the house and spent the day in the sunshine around some lovely new places.  Last weekend before the football season kicks off and Daddy has to work on Saturdays […]

A lovely afternoon at the Cheshire Ice cream farm

The Minbie bottle has to be the cleverest thing I’ve come across in while…it’s a special bottle designed for breastfed babies as the teat is designed to be shaped like a nipple. I first saw this on Facebook, with Mums getting great success after trying lots of different bottles for […]

Minbie bottle review